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Spectator Restrictions: Update (25/9)

From 26th September 2020, spectator restrictions for ice hockey have been lifted (where the restrictions was previously 1x parent for junior grade games and none for senior grade games).

Whilst this is exciting and welcome news, indoor sport number restrictions must still be adhered to.

Indoor sport venues are capped through the 4 square metre rule, with a maximum capacity at 500 pax. At our home rink, Macquarie Ice Rink: the maximum capacity is 400 pax. NOTE: maximum capacity numbers differ from venue to venue, please check with the venue directly on their maximum permitted numbers.

Clubs, participants and spectators MUST adhere to the rink conditions of entry, and follow all instructions from staff and club appointed COVID marshals. This may include being asked to wait outside as the venue is currently at capacity and no further spectators will be allowed entry until space becomes available.

We ask all participants to continue to minimise the number of spectators they bring to activities, to allow everyone the opportunity to have friends/family in attendance within the venue capacity restrictions.

Once inside the venue, all spectators and participants must continue to comply with the IHNSW Return to Sport Guidelines and the rinks specific conditions of entry, including:

– 1.5m physical distancing at all times when not on the ice for people/groups not from the same household;

– Participants should drive directly to the venue, compete, and then return to their homes following the activity – avoiding any social gatherings before or after the activity;

- There should be no car pooling or shared transport arrangements for participants not from the same household;

- All normal hygiene protocols are in place and being enforced;

- All participants and visitors adhering to rink conditions of entry, sign in processes, contact tracing recording methods, temperature checks.

There is no tolerance for abuse of rink staff or COVID marshals and anyone found to have done so will be called to an IHNSW tribunal to face possible suspension from future activities.

Further information can be found on the Ice Hockey NSW website, and the dedicated COVID-19 webpage, by clicking here.

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