With the IHNSW winter season underway, Bears Hockey School has gone into hibernation.
We're still accepting expressions of interest - if you'd like to learn how to play Ice Hockey, please reach out to hockeyschool@sydneybears.com.au



Hockey School looks to teach the basics of ice hockey and equip all participants with the necessary base skills and techniques to be able to play a game. The curriculum at a glance includes:


  • Perfecting the hockey stance.

  • Skating orientated drills designed to test forward and backward skating.

  • Transitioning drills.

  • Edgework drills.

  • NOTE: we advise all participants to join a learn to skate program before joining Hockey School.

Puck Control:

  • Basic puck handling.

  • Skating with a puck.

  • Learning different types of manoeuvres of puck control and handling.

Passing / Shooting:

  • Perfecting the pass (tape to tape).

  • Passing at different distances, scenarios, while moving and in different positions.

  • Learning the wrist, snap, shovel, backhand and slapshot.

  • Shooting practice.

Positions / Positioning:

  • Learning the different roles of a forward (winger), centreman, defenceman and goaltender.

  • Playing in these positions.

  • When in these positions - where you should be and where you shouldn't.

Warming up:

  • How to warm up on the ice, skating drills and practice drills to get started each session.

Intermediate / Advanced Group:

  • Intermediate / Advanced group skills designed to put all the above skills into practice.

  • Working through different plays/strategies.

  • Team orientated Drills.

  • Team communication - being direct and effective on the ice.

Gameplay / Scrimmages:

  • Free time to practice these skills through a practice game (also known as a scrimmage).



Tim Marceau

Director - Hockey School


Josie Jerome