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If you've ever wanted to learn to play and take your first steps towards joining a Bears team, now is the perfect time to get started.

The Sydney Bears Hockey School teaches you the basics of playing ice hockey, from skating and stick handling to passing and shooting. The program is designed by our expert coaching staff to improve individual skills on the ice.

Sessions are weekly Thursdays 7:30pm - 8:30pm at Macquarie Ice Rink. The current term runs until Thursday 26 September 2024.

You need to be comfortable on your skates so you can safely participate. 
Registration is open to all players 12 years and over, including adults.

You need full hockey equipment (skates, protective, stick) to participate in the program. We can lend you any gear you or your child doesn't have yet.

Reach out to Shane Machon by emailing him at to register.


Hockey School looks to teach the basics of ice hockey and equip all participants with the necessary base skills and techniques to be able to play a game. The curriculum at a glance includes:


  • Perfecting the hockey stance.

  • Skating orientated drills designed to test forward and backward skating.

  • Transitioning drills.

  • Edgework drills.

  • NOTE: we advise all participants to join a learn to skate program before joining Hockey School.

Puck Control:

  • Basic puck handling.

  • Skating with a puck.

  • Learning different types of manoeuvres of puck control and handling.

Passing / Shooting:

  • Perfecting the pass (tape to tape).

  • Passing at different distances, scenarios, while moving and in different positions.

  • Learning the wrist, snap, shovel, backhand and slapshot.

  • Shooting practice.

Positions / Positioning:

  • Learning the different roles of a forward (winger), centreman, defenceman and goaltender.

  • Playing in these positions.

  • When in these positions - where you should be and where you shouldn't.

Warming up:

  • How to warm up on the ice, skating drills and practice drills to get started each session.

Intermediate / Advanced Group:

  • Intermediate / Advanced group skills designed to put all the above skills into practice.

  • Working through different plays/strategies.

  • Team orientated Drills.

  • Team communication - being direct and effective on the ice.

Gameplay / Scrimmages:

  • Free time to practice these skills through a practice game (also known as a scrimmage).



Shane Machon

Hockey School Director


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