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 Club Committee 


The Sydney Bears Ice Hockey Club Committee is the Board/Executive and Management team of the Club.

It is the responsibility of Club Committee to ensure:

  • SBIHC continues to fulfil its mission and objectives as a local ice hockey/sports club.

  • The Club provides an avenue to register and join in a sanctioned competition.

  • The Club has a learn to play program as a way of learning and developing in the sport of ice hockey.

  • To act in the best interest of the Club and its' Members.

The process for election is through a nomination and election procedure:

  • Each year, terms for selected positions on the Club Committee expire and a nomination and election process begins.

  • The President, Treasurer and Ordinary Members are elected on an odd year, and sit two-year terms.

  • The Vice President, Secretary and Coaching Director are elected on an even year, and sit two-year terms.

  • Nominations are called for and submitted 30-days before the Annual General Meeting.

  • At the Annual General Meeting, a show of hands/proxy votes are taken to vote for the respective position, and the person with the most votes is elected to that position on the Club Committee.

The Club runs on volunteers. If you'd like to get involved please reach out to us at

2023 Club Committee


James Rider


Patrick Dybell


Roxie Leu


Jillian Murphy


Adam Hales


Tim Marceau

Regan Sice

Zac Roberts

Anthony Zakos

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