1982 - The Sydney Bears Ice Hockey Club begins out of Macquarie Ice Rink as the Macquarie Bears.

1997 - The Macquarie Bears changes its' name to the Sydney Bears Ice Hockey Club.

1999 - The Sydney Bears are Super League champions.

2002 - The club makes a move to Blacktown Ice Rink.

2003 - The club makes a move to Sydney Ice Arena (formally known as Sydney Glaciarium)

2016 - The club votes at a Special General Meeting to change the logo of SBIHC, picking our incumbent logo and ushering in a rejuvenation period for the Club.

2017 - After an upgrade costing over $3 million, Macquarie Ice Rink becomes operational to play games, and SBIHC returns games to its home rink.

tHEThe Sydney Bears Ice Hockey Club Incorporated started in 1982 as the Macquarie Bears, with just only one team playing in defunct Super League championship, and during the 80s went on to win the 89' championships.


1998 - 

  • Champions, Super League

1999 - 


  • NSW IHA Champions, Midget Division 1

  • Champions, Super League

2000 - 


  • Runners Up, Super League

2002 - 


  • Champions, Australian Ice Hockey League (AIHL)

2012 - 

  • IHNSW Champions, Midget Division



Club Presidents (and the Club Committee) are elected at our AGM in December.


Our current Club President is Andrew Rumpel, and terms run for two (2) years.

1982 - 2002: Wayne Hellyer

2002 - 2006: Hugh Farrar

2006 - 2009John Harvey

2009 - 2010: Cathy Woodward

2010 - 2011: John Harvey

2011 - 2013: Ryan Herbert

2013 - 2014: Jim Savage

2014 - Current: Andrew Rumpel

Bears through the 90s:


The Bears began to expand its teams, opening up the way for more junior and senior recreational teams in the newly formed ice hockey league administered by the Ice Hockey Association of New South Wales. It was also during this time, that the club instituted a development league program, a hockey school program designed teach newcomers to the sport and develop their skills into fully fledged ice hockey players. In 1997, the Macquarie Bears changed its name to the Sydney Bears.

The 21st Century to Present:


The Sydney Bears went through a number of changes during the early part of the 2000s. Due to safety concerns, the Bears lost its ability to play sanctioned ice hockey games at Macquarie Ice Rink.


In 2003, the club took a bold step and relocated to Sydney Ice Arena in Baulkham Hills. This move was shortlived, only lasting one season, before the club moved again to Blacktown Ice Arena, followed by Penrith Ice Palace.


In 2007, the AIHL Team of the Sydney Bears made the decision to separate from the club and that instituted the "junior club", which became the our club that it is today; and the AIHL Sydney Bears. That same year, development ice hockey sessions made a return to Macquarie Ice Rink, and in 2008, the club made the decision to return club trainings to Macquarie.


Today, the Sydney Bears Ice Hockey Club has nine teams total. We are based at Macquarie Ice Rink, and share a close relationship with our sister & affiliated club the AIHL Sydney Bears.











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